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Model Selection Guidance and Applications of  Vortex Precession Flow Meter

Model Selection Guidance and Applications of Vortex Precession Flow Meter

Views: Release Time:2019-08-14

The LUZX vortex precession flow meter is integrated with flow, temperature and pressure sensors, could automatically compensate the temperature, pressure and compressibility factor, it is an ideal instrument for gas measurement in petroleum, chemical industry, power plants, metallurgy and other industries.


Model selection and applications of vortex precession flow meter:


1. There shall be no strong external magnetic field interference or strong mechanical vibration around the flowmeter. Before installation, please carefully check the requirements on the environmental conditions for normal use.


2. For open air installation, the upper part should be covered to prevent the rain from immerging and the direct sunshine from affecting the service life of the flowmeter.


3. The flow meter can be installed with any angle, the direction of flow should be consistent with the direction mark on the shell, and there should be 10DN and 5DN straight run on the upstream and downstream of the flowmeter respectively.


4. The flowmeter should be installed coaxially with the pipe, the flange screw holes should be connected parallel to the pipe axis, and the sealing gasket and grease shall not run into the pipe.


5. If necessary, a filter need to be installed upstream of the flowmeter to remove particles and debris in the medium.


6. When installing the flowmeter and measured pipeline section, the expansion pipe and bellows pipe should be considered to be installed, and according to the actual size of the flowmeter, the straight pipe run at upstream and downstream should be reasonably laid, to minimize the the deformation of the flowmeter caused by the pipe stress.


7. The housing of volume correction instrument of the flow meter is provided with grounding screw, the flow meter must be reliably grounded as specified when put to use, while the ground wire shall not be shared with the strong electric system. When installing or testing flow meter on the pipeline, the ground wire of the electric welding system shall not be overlapped with the ground wire of the flow meter.


8. When the flow meter is working, users are should not change the connection mode of the explosion proof system or any leading wire interface. The outer diameter of the leading cable is 8-8.5mm, and the other cable holes shall be plugged.


9. Installation, use and maintenance of the flow meter must comply with "Code for Design of Electrical Devices in Explosive and Fire Dangerous Places" and the relevant provisions of GB; When the flowmeter needs to output signals, it should be connected to the external power supply in strict accordance with the relevant "Electrical Performance Index", and it is forbidden to directly connect to 220VAC or 380VAC power supply at the signal outlet.


10. It is strictly prohibited to weld connected flanges with flow meter during the installation of flow meter. It is recommended to use process pipelines to avoid burning out the internal parts of the flowmeter.


11. Newly installed or overhauled pipelines must be purged strictly, the flowmeter can be installed only after removing impurities in the pipelines. During all hydrostatic testing and pipeline cleaning operations, the instrument should be removed and replaced with process piping to avoid serious damage to the measuring components.


12. Be careful don’t excess the max pressure for the pressure sensor during the sealing pressure test after installation of pipeline, so that to avoid damage to the pressure sensor.



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