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Working Principle, Composition and Use of Pipe Provers

Working Principle, Composition and Use of Pipe Provers

Views: Release Time:2019-08-14

1, Working Principle

When the displacer in the pipe prover is pushed by the liquid flow to pass by and trigger two detection switches at a certain speed, a certain amount of displaced liquid is introduced into a standard vessle, and the standard volume value of the pipe prover is obtained by conversion from the volume value indicated from the standard vessle .

2, Main Components

The pipe prover system is composed of pipe sections, the standard volume section, the displacer, detecting switchs, valves and a sealing conversion mechanism, and the control system.

2.1. Pipe Sections

The inner surface of the volumetric pipe sections need to be processed or to be coating with good wear-resistance, oil-resistance and corrosion-resistant features. The coating should have a strong bonding with the inner wall of the pipes and should be even, without problems of wrinkles, peeling and scarring.

2.2. Standard Volume Section

The cross sections fo the pipes and bends should be round, at the same size and smooth. The connection of the pipe sections should be coasxial.

2.3. Displacer

The ball prover generally adopts a hollow elastic ball as a displacer, the surface of the ball should be smooth and without obvious scratches. The ball is filled with water or liquid such as ethylene glycol, and when geting filled, it can be appropriately expanded. The ball should be 2%~4% larger than the inner diameter of the standard volume section after filling, ensures good sealing with the tube wall during operation.

The piston volume tube normally adopts a high performance cylindrical piston as a displacer.

2.4. Detection Switch

The detection switch should be sensitive and reliable. For the displacer moving in both directions, it should be triggered and send out signal accrately.

2.5. Valve and Sealing Conversion Mechanism

Valves (reversing valve or bypass valve, etc.) or a sealing switching mechanism that performs fluid direction or displacer action switching will be used on the pipe prover. Pefect sealing should be ensured when the displacer moving in the standard section between the detection switchs.

2.6. Control System

The control system must be stable and reliable when completing the various logical actions, data acquisition and processing.

3. Use

The volumetric tube is a standard device for verification and calibration of liquid flow meters.



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