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Kaifeng Instrument LJS-1000 Flow Computer (Digital flow counter)

Kaifeng Instrument LJS-1000 Flow Computer (Digital flow counter)

LJS-1000 flowrate computer (hereinafter referred to as “the instrument”) adopts 32-digit ARM processor as the main controller with 800480 capacitive touch color screen. The device is expanded with 512M ROM space, and is capable of recording the acqu…

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Features And Functions


Technical Parameters


Industry Applications

CPU: RAM core processor;

Storage space (ROM) 512M;

Memory (RAM) 512M;

SD card expansion supports max 64G(SD card is required when the instrument is working after power on);

100M self-adaptive Ethernet port (executing Modbus TCP/IP protocol or TCP/IP protocol);

2-channel USB2.0 interface, connect with HUB for expansion;

1-channel RS232 interface, it can be connected with standard embedded thermal printer;

1-channel RS485 interface, executing Modbus protocol (customized according to users requirements);

The standard configuration includes 7color capacitive touch screen, resolution is 800×480;

Configuration of slave processor system

CPU: 32-digit Cortex-M3, running frequency is 16MHz;

Program memorizer is 128K FLSH/EE;

Data memorizer: 8K SRAM;

Analog value input: 6-channel, AD conversion resolution is 24-digit (Σ-Δ), lowest sampling rate is 5 times/s;

Pulse input: 2-channel (multiplexing with channel 5, channel 6);

Switching value output: 2-channel;

HART input: 1-channel (multiplexing with channel 1, measuring instrument without this function).

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