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Kaifeng Instrument Integrated Differential Pressure Flow meter

Kaifeng Instrument Integrated Differential Pressure Flow meter

The integrated throttling type flowmeter is designed according to international standard ISO5167 and national standard GB/T2624, it is a kind of flowmeter with wide measurement range ratio composing of throttling device (standard orifice, nozzle, annu…

Product Overviews

KY LG  differential pressure flow meter is very versatile for many applications. LG differential pressure flow meters can cope with a wide range of flowing mediums from Gas, water, Chemical, Crude, Slurry and even high temperature Steam applications. 

Features And Functions

● Easy installation, compact structure

● Suitable for various fluids, including liquid, gas, steam.
● Can cope with critical conditions

● Working well under heavy load industry production process
● No moving part, low maintainence

Technical Parameters

Inside nominal diameter (mm): DN50- 1000

Nominal pressure (MPa): ≤10

Environment temperature(℃): —20℃~+55℃

Medium temperature(℃): —20℃~+300℃

Function setting: related instrument can be selected according to user’s requirement to achieve the function of signal far transmission (with site bus function),

Intelligent compensation, it can display flowrate or mass flowrate and standard volumetric flowrate.

Industry Applications

It is widely used for metering test in the industries such as chemicals, metallurgy, power, heating power etc. It adopts reliable and overall orifice for measuring the flowrate, it is used for measuring the flowrate of steam (saturated, overheat steam ), gas (compressed air, coal gas and so on) and cold and hot water, industrial waste water etc. 

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