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E-Mag C Series Remote Electromagnetic Flow Meter
general purpose magnetic flow meter (Remote converter) 1

E-Mag C Series Remote Electromagnetic Flow Meter

Kaifeng Instrument E-mag series electromagnetic flow meters (or magnetic flow meters) are comprised of a converter and sensor. Then sensor is placed inline, and the converter picks up the voltage signals generated by the fluid passing through the sens…

Product Overviews

An all-welded structure provides a hermetic seal that protects against moisture and other contaminants. The sealed housing ensures maximum sensor reliability by protecting all internal components and wiring from even the most aggressive environments.


With 5-section correction calculation, the E-mag C converter provides highly accurate and stable measurements in even the most critical applications. The aluminum housing provides a hermetic seal that protect the internal chips and wiring from external environment, keeping the electronics from the moisture and contaminants outside. The converter can be either integrately or remotely mounted, with the advanced self-diagnostic and intuitive local operating interface, it's easy to install, maintenance and operate with best-in-class performance.

Features And Functions

● A fully welded sensor housing provides a hermetic seal, ensure reliability in the harshest environments with an all-welded sensor housing

● Minimize maintenance and repair with an obstructionless design featuring no moving parts

● Tunable Empty Pipe diagnostic minimizes issues and false readings when the pipe is empty

● Robust, fully welded construction designed to withstand sustained vibration

● Easy-to-read LCD display with backlight is visible in low light environments and in direct sunlight

● Intuitive configuration and accessibility with an easy-to-use Local Operator Interface

Technical Parameters


Electromagnetic Flow Meter



Inside Nominal Diameter


Highest Flow Velocity



DN15~ DN600

±0.3% of the indicating value (flow velocity 1m/s);

±3mm/s (flow velocity <1m/s)



±0.5% of the indicating value (flow velocity 0.8m/s);

±4mm/s (flow velocity <0.8m/s)

Liquid Conductivity


Nominal Pressure




 0.6MPa 6.3MPa 10 MPa
 DN3- DN700 DN15- DN1600 DN15- DN2200 DN700- DN3000 DN15- DN500 For special orders
 Lining MaterialPTFE, Neoprene ,PFA,F46,PU      

Electrode Material

Stainless Steel 316L, Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B, Titanium, Tantalum,

Platinum-iridium Alloy, Stainless Steel Coated with Tungsten Carbide

Housing Protection

DN15- DN3000, Separated Type Sensor with Rubber or Polyurethane Lining 

IP65 or IP68

Other Sensor;  Integrated Flowmeter and Separated Flowmeter


Explosion Proof Levels

Normal,Flameproof(EIICT4-CT6)\Intrinsically Safety(ExiaII CT4)

Power Supply




19- 40V

Lithium Battery Powered

Operation Buttons

Push Button Type;Magnetic Button Type(Explosion-proof Sites)

Output Signal

Current, Pulse, Alarm

Digital Communication


Cable Interface

M20&times;1.5 Electrical Interface

Sensor Connection


Flange Standard


Industry Applications

Applications for water, wastewater, mining, mineral processing, power, pulp and paper, and chemical industries. Magnetic flowmeters are used in water treatment plants to measure treated and untreated sewage, process water, water and chemicals. Mining and mineral process Industry applications include process water and process slurry flows and heavy media flows.


With proper material selected for the lining and electrode, the flow of highly corrosive liquids (such as acid and caustic) and abrasive slurries can be measured in the chemical industry processes and in the mining, mineral processing, pulp and paper, and wastewater industries.

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