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Student gets warmed by

Student gets warmed by "Goden Autumn" funding

Views: Release Time:2018-09-22

Reported by Sun Kai  It's another goden autumn, and it's also the time for fresh college student leaving for the new chapter of their lives. According to the plan of the  "2018 Goden Autumn" activity held by the union of our company, from mid Aug, the students funding program has been launched for all our employees. It makes our employees feel the warm of the company as a familly, it also reduced the financial burden for employees.

Since the launch of the program, all departments have carried out thoughrout suvey, aiming to make sure all the qualified students get covered to benefit more employees and students. After applciation checking, qualification declaration and other procedures, the company has handed out 200,000 yuan in the Golden Autumn Program, benefiting 114 employees. Wang Qingling, the chairman of the union, congratulated the staff and family members of the newly enrolled students and gave out the funding with the care and congratulations of the company.

In order to provide efficient and convenient services to employees, the future “Golden Autumn Aid” program will simplify the applying process, provide a more convenient service platform for employees to apply for various types of assistance, and continuously improve employee satisfaction and make the union as the home that the members and employees can trust.

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