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Stainless Steel Reduce Bore Vortex Flowmeter

Stainless Steel Reduce Bore Vortex Flowmeter

Views: Release Time:2023-09-05

Reduced Bore Stainless Steel Vortex Flowmeter Introduction

Stainless Steel Reduced Bore Vortex Flowmeter.jpg 

The vortex flowmeter shown in the picture above is made of full body stainless steel 316L and it has a reduced bore design. The vortex flowmeter is composed of an intelligent display unit, a measurement pipe, a housing, a vortex generating body and a detection probe. Every part of it is made of 316L stainless steel, ensuring the flowmeter has a good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. The stainless-steel material vortex flowmeters are used in strong corrosive environments, such as seawater and chemical plants applications.


On another hand, the structure of the reduced bore includes the contraction section, the straight pipe section, and the measuring section. Before the medium goes into the contraction section, it needs to pass through a section with a bigger diameter. That is the straight section. When the medium flow through of the contract section, it will enter the measuring section which has a smaller diameter. The measuring section is also where the vortex generating body and the detection probe are installed. In circumstances where the actual volume of flow in the pipeline is small and the rate of flow is low, the reduced bore vortex flowmeter can improve the accuracy of measurement. After the bore is reduced, it will affect the measuring range of the flowmeter, so the vortex flowmeter can measure small flow volume and velocity accurately. It helps to save the pipeline modification costs and increases the production efficiency.


The vortex flowmeter can measure the accumulated flow and the instantaneous flow of liquids, gases, and high temperature steams (including compressed air). It can be adopted to fields like petroleum, chemical product, metallurgy, urban water supply and gas pipe network. Nowadays, it is the first choice for many customers.


The selection of the stainless-steel reduced bore vortex flowmeter should be determined by the site conditions. And the proportion and installation position of the reduced bore need to be chosen carefully. If you have such requirements, please feel free to get in touch with us!

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