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Quality Control Department hold staff training

Quality Control Department hold staff training

Views: Release Time:2023-05-29

The Quality Control Department organized 11 measurement administrators and other related personnel to participate in the public training of "measurement service for small and medium-sized enterprises". The "Measurement Serving Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Industry" training is sponsored by Henan Metrology Association, which aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises solve measurement problems, consolidate the basis of measurement, and improve the level of measurement accuracy. The training was conducted in the form of online lectures. The instructors were Zhou Gaiwen, a senior engineer of Zhongqi Metrology Management System Certification Center, and Liu Pei, a professor-level senior engineer of the Provincial Institute of Metrology. They taught the basic knowledge of the measurement management system and the analysis of enterprise measurement examples.


Through this training, the Quality Control Department, as the company's metrology department, not only increased its own metrology knowledge reserve, but also discovered its own shortcomings in metrology management. The Quality Control Department will apply what they have learned, gradually improve the company's measurement management work, ensure that the measurement is effective, accurate and reliable, do a good job in quality control, and enhance the market competitiveness of the company's products.


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